Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year

The first day of a new year lends itself to pondering my life's meaning. I can't help it. Intention is in the air. Purpose pulls at me- Find yourself. Figure things out.

It's easy to see this year will be another of pivotal change for our family. We're unsettled in our current house and are in the process of finding a home in a new area. We're hoping to embark on a new way of living, homesteading. We want to grow our own food, learn to hunt, care for, and cultivate. We want to spend much more time outside and much less inside. These are the things we're keeping in mind as our house-hunt evolves into a land-hunt. The other side of this adventure is preparing our current house to show, and hopefully sell. Sorting through belongings, downsizing, decluttering, cleaning- such tasks are less fun than hanging out with our realtor, yet obviously essential. It feels good to have a purpose after spinning our wheels a bit over the holidays.

On a personal level, this year I'll be writing more. I have so many ideas percolating, and I've always found writing to be therapeutic. I can't wait to dive back in. I'll have to make a conscious effort to invest more time in this area. 

Overall, there is nothing new in our 2013 agenda. We're always trying to do better, learn more, and get to the point. What the New Year does, is solidify those things we want to do, and bring new life to our goals. For that, I'm grateful to this day.


  1. best wishes to you & your guys in 2013 — xoxoxo

  2. Happy 2013! That's a great picture -- is it Spooky?

  3. I think your plans for 2013 sound perfect. I hope that this time next year you all are feeling much more settled. <3