Friday, November 30, 2012

Seeking The Special

Well here we are on the last day of November. I didn't complete my NaBloPoMo writing challenge, but S completed his kettlebell swing challenge! He has amazing stick-to-it abilities, which is so inspiring!

In the last few weeks I've been looking toward December, thinking of ways to bring a sense of special to our holiday season. I've made mental lists of festive ideas for our family. Then our beloved cat was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. All holiday plans dropped from my mind, replaced with concern over the remaining days of our cat's life, and worry of how his loss will impact us.

But life moves ever forward, and I want to make the most of it. So today I'm revisiting some of those December ideas, and I hope that I'll still be able to pull some of them off. I will start by listing them here, as a reminder. This will be a very relaxed Holiday Bucket List.
  • Eat more evening meals at the table
  • Use the snowman dishes
  • Light candles when the sun sets
  • Watch holiday movies
  • Take photos of special ornaments and blog about their stories
I'll be focusing on this short list in hopes of bringing warmth to our short days and long nights. If something on this list ends up satisfying, I'll be glad to nourish it as a new tradition. Onward! 

One last holiday with this kitty. Make every moment count. 


  1. I know so well the "eating at the table" bucket list wish.
    It's so simple, but we always manage not to do it. Even, sometimes, we eat right on the kitchen counters/sink. Bad habit.
    I'm so sorry about your kitty, give him extra hugs from me.

    1. Thanks, Heidi. :') He's a very special kitty.

      We just rush through dinner and then eat by the tv. It's ok. I mean we have so many other times for conversation, so I don't feel we need nightly table time to get that type of communication. Honestly, our family's best talks happen in the car! But eating at the table lends a certain special feeling. Gathering. Slowing down. Being mindful of what we eat. These sort of things are much needed in our house!

  2. Poor kitten.

    Number of kettle bell swings I have completed: 0. Over a life time, no less.

    Hope your Christmas Season is full of love.

    1. Swings are hard, yo! I have maybe done 20 total. And that's with Steve spotting me because I have horrid form and if I tried to do them alone I'd likely break myself in half. :D

      I hope your holiday season is full of love as well. xo

  3. I'm so very sorry about your kitty. I've thought of you guys every day since you found out. I hope the season is as good as possible for all of you.

    1. Thank you, Misa. I know you understand the value of these fur babies. Oh my heart. So tragic to be losing this guy. I'm so grateful to have your friendship and concern. xo