Saturday, November 10, 2012


Niagara Falls (Canadian side), 2009

S and I have four days coming up in December to get away! Alone! We've taken so many trips together and I can't wait to travel again. We won't go far, but we will go up, which is something we don't do often, as my youngest son gets horrible motion sickness. It's just no fun driving up a mountain when you've got vomit to contend with. 

I'm thinking a cabin. Or a yurt. Are yurts warm? Or a hotel room with a view. Oh I'm so excited to start planning! 


  1. My husband will be v. jealous if you stay in a yurt. He's a big fan and because of this I know that yurts -- when properly insulated -- can be very toasty. Hope it's a fun getaway.

    1. Oh! I love that you know what yurts are! :D We'll have to get one next summer with the kids. I think that would be so fun! We've decided to go to Colorado Springs. S has never been, and I'm too nervous to go up into the mountains in the winter, so this is a good place for us to go.