Sunday, November 4, 2012

Time-Tampering- WHY?

The sun shines warm and bright about 300 days a year here in Denver, which is surprising as we get around 57 inches of snow per yearBut a lot of that snow melts fast, and in Denver, you build your snowman knowing he'll be a puddle within a few days.

With the end of Daylight Savings Time coming on the third cloudy day in a row, I found myself roaming around the house like a zombie. I never realized how much I needed sunshine until I moved here and got spoiled on it! Now I'm turning on all the bulbs in the house, just desperate for more light!

How do you handle time changes, and the shortening days and lengthening darkness of Winter? Do you know why we do this silly time-tampering? I didn't, until I watched this short video-

I'm off to bake cookies. I'll bask in the glow of the oven for a bit. Toasty. Wishing you all sunny days and snowmen in the shade!


  1. It's been grey and rainy all day here. I'm blaming the foul weather for my foul mood. I too crave the sun. I was raised in Alberta where on -40ºC days it was sunny -- that helped a lot.

    1. Ugh. Grey days, blah. I can just feel the energy seep out my pores when I don't wake up to the sun blazing in my window. Alberta *sigh*

      Everything I need beneath that big blue sky!!!!!!!!